Looking through the photos on my laptop - found this! This was a bi-annual sculpture competition organised by City Development Limited (CDL) in Singapore. I entered as part of a school project in year 10 in 2005, when I was still studying in Singapore. The winning sculpture was to be realised (or maybe it has already), was to complement CDL's luxury apartment development at Marina Bay in Singapore, named The Sail @ Marina Bay. Actually, I just did some googling, and according to the CDL website, commission for the winning entry is underway and now to be built at City Square Mall - yet another new shopping centre ... just what Singapore needs, eh? There were some amazing work there at the final exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum, by people of varied profession, background and age, even someone who was 13! My friend Jess and I were shortlisted to be in the finals - hers was eventually chosen to be part of the exhibition. As you can imagine, it was a big thing for the both of us at the time, especially her! We got buffet vouchers as a result, which is always good I suppose!
The image quality is poor, and it's the only photo I have left of it as I've changed laptops over the years. The theme was 'Live, Work and Play', I thought it was appropriate that my sculpture be based on sails as I see sailing as a lifestyle, a job (for the lucky ones!) and a leisure
 activity. Anyway, here it is, my sculpture based on the fluidity of movement of sails:

The winning sculpture: 
I do respect the artist's thought and work behind the sculpture. However, I don't see how or why, it was picked as the winner. Especially the fact that it was a project that was to be built in a public setting, to be viewed/enjoyed by the general public who may or may not be able to appreciate conceptual art. Now I'm not clear on how tall the winning sculpture would actually be 1:1*. My main opinion is that the competition asked a sculpture that would complement the apartment building, but I think such an iconic sculpture, depending on the scale, would simply overwhelm it. Would be interesting to hear what the thoughts of the future residents at The Sail. To each their own, though.

* The competition did not ask for a set scale.



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