Borromini's S. Carlino (or San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane if you want to be technical)

S. Carlino

Sant'Andrea al Quirinale

Chiesa dei Re Magi

S. Maria in Campitelli

S. Maria in Campitelli

Santa Maria in Cosmedin - it's not visible in this particular photo, but the timber trusses looked amazing.

S. Maria del Popolo

Incredible ... S. Maria del Popolo

S. Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri (tepidarium of the Baths of Diocletian)

S. Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri - look at the scale of it! It's enormous, but actually not overwhelming at all. Quite fantastic.

Magic Images

Ever since being in the Atmospheres run by Melony studio, I've loved taking photographs of models to convey the essence of your design. In other words, capturing that evocative 'magic image'. You could do so much - experiment with texture, light (and the way texture affects lighting, and vice versa), colour etc. It's experimental, but the result can be absolutely brilliant. Here are three I have done so far this semester. They're not the best, but the general idea is there.

Charlie Roberts

Check out these ink and gouache work by Charlie Roberts:

Now that is patience, which I currently lack, but I am getting better which is positive.
On a quick note, Holl and Scarpa are amazing and create such powerful and evocative architecture. Will probably write something on them soon, I'd love to learn more about their body of work and the way they practice architecture.

A Photograph

This was taken at about 6am last week when I was up doing design (dirty lens too). Our mid semester crit is this week so it has been, and will be very hectic until then. I'm hoping to write more next week, when our two week break starts! I'll be a happy chappy then ... unless the crit goes horribly wrong, in which case I will be at home, under the covers, grieving.
Also, I'm planning on doing a one-day tour in the city or out in the burbs over the holidays and capture on camera 'moments' in space/place/design, intentional and unintentional. It is hard to explain what I mean exactly, but just wait and see! I'm quite excited actually!
OK, Toodles!

Just a quick trace from a few weeks ago, of the Albert Park Library. OK, it is nothing fancy, but I thought I needed to update a little - I've been buried under a heap of uni work/tests lately, but semester break is soon so definitely looking forward to that.


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