When things slow down a little at uni, I enjoy venturing out to nowhere in particular with my camera in hand. When I'm out, I try not to be simple a viewer - I try to be an observer. I enjoy discovering new things and small details that we would usually take for granted. It really is quite fun, too. Some recent photographs taken in the past two weeks or so:

I love observing details like this. Unexpected materials engaging each other.

Materials crudely joined together, can sometimes be quite beautiful.

A sign that has a history, tells a story. In this case, a 'after hours return' chute outside the Albert Park Library. Once taped.

A photograph that depicts movement and perceived sound.

Beautiful timber staircase leading up to Until Never gallery in Melbourne.

Block Arcade

Royal Arcade
These photographs aren't as strong as I'd like them to be, but I'm still, and constantly learning (aren't we all?).


  1. Jessica Tong said...

    whoa. deep homie  

  2. Amelia said...

    Very restrained, buddy-o. The gal I know woulda said "Shit-damn, corrugated iron is sexy." Oh yes, I went there.  

  3. zxw said...

    Oh Meels, you know me well ha!  


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