I'll be writing HERE exclusively from now on. Here here here here here. More little sketches and more proper writing. HEREEEEEEEEE.

I am also involved in a collaborative project with Amelia - check it out: from a to zi. Meels will be writing all things Melbourne with plenty of beautiful photographs to satisfy your visual apetite. I will be attempting the same, but from Malaysia. Get excited!

things I like

And some green olive toscano from Philippa's.

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Running errands and washing sheets on typography Tuesday. Maybe next week. I am also trying to get used to using my new camera, which is a Canon PowerShot G11. It's a powerful little thing that offers amazing user-friendly control/knobs. So, so easy to change settings etc., which played a huge part in my decision to purchase that particular model. It seems like it's built like a tank, and it is to some degree ... but it does feel plasticky and hollow in some places.

PS: I'll be posting a lot less in this blog and more at my posterous page.

Late night fun with felt

Just some fun to pass the time and make things, really. Yes I am rubbish at sewing.

I think one of the biggest reasons why we love art, architecture and music is because essentially, we invent things. We create (beautiful) things out of nothing. I would say the same with engineering ... but I won't.

Typography Tuesday

First of (hopefully) many to come typography Tuesdays - today we are in the Melbourne CBD and good old Fitzroy. This little adventure has made me much more aware and observant of the fascinating world of street typography! Barrels of fun, too. (I've also posted this at my posterous too, it's awfully good for uploading and viewing a batch of photos in one post.)
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Virtual relocation

I think this blog will be relocating to posterous. I very much prefer the layout and general aesthetic of the it - and the fact that I can email a post/photos/audio and they automatically appear (and arrange themselves) on the site. It will take a bit of getting used to ... will be looking into that in the next few weeks.
I'll still be posting here in the meantime.

From A to Zi - a new, collaborative, bi-national blog/project. Coming soon.

I am in the midst of moving from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur, so updates will be sparse and seem half-arsed. Bear with me! Not that I owe anyone any kind of explanation ... but it felt like something that had to be said. Ciao.

Dorian has just received news of Sibyl Vane's death.
Oh, what a beautiful book! I never had a clue the extraordinary life of Oscar Wilde. It isn't by any means a simple, relaxing read, but such a wonderfully written book nonetheless ... "I don't want my soul to be hideous".
Thank goodness for $10 Penguin books.
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