Christian Boltanski

One of my favourite installation artists is Christian Boltanski. He is also a photographer, sculptor and painter. I came across him looking through the art book cabinet in high school, and did a few papers on him - endlessly inspiring. A lot of Boltanski's work reference self identity and the Holocaust, which is another passion of mine (that is, the history of Nazi Germany). His body of work evokes emotion within his audience; photographs of the children become personal, his installations engage viewers on a sophisticated, personal level. I particularly love the siting of some of his installations, just imagine being in that space with these incredible, strong images and atmospheric lighting! They seem so natural, that they belong at that one particular site and would just be wrong if done somewhere else. Less words - here are some of his work:

C. Boltanski Archives, 1965-1988, 1989 (Image from Centre Pompidou online)

Contacts, 2002 (Image from Artnet)

Advent, 1995 (Image from Tate online)

Just a note to myself: maybe write a bit on artists Andreas Gursky, William Kentridge and architect Peter Zumthor in the near future.



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