Light Breakfast

Brilliant! By photographer David Sykes with model maker Ridley West and Jennie Webster, who sourced the wonderful balloons. 

Via Creative Review.

A drawing, Flinders Lane

Flinders Lane (between Elizabeth and Queen Streets), done last year.

Penguins and Drawings

Our design studio spent four weeks at the start of the semester studying penguins - with a focus on their movement in water and in air (land). It actually is quite incredible how different they move in both. We had a discussion where everyone agreed, quite obviously, that penguins feel more at home and natural in the water. On the other hand, they are quite clumsy and awkward on land. However, who are we to say that they are awkward? Sure, they do look awkward but it is their way of walking. 
Because I'm nerdy, I watched March of the Penguins and ... well, they walk a lot. The emperor penguins make an annual pilgrimage from the ocean, and walk inland back to their ancestral breeding ground. The journey of 100+ kilometres takes several months. So, awkward? I don't think so. Brilliant film though - originally French, the English version has Morgan Freeman as the narrator (all the more reasons to watch aye)! 
Some drawings (they were all drawn on A2 trace - except for the engravings, of course):

Engraving depicting movement in water

Designing a penguin enclosure: a moment in space. I was not very satisfied with this one, I find it a bit too rigid ... even though its purpose was to capture a 'moment'.

Another moment in space

Examining thresholds ... I decided on a literally depicting a physical threshold through a change in media and technique.


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