I love watercolour, but certainly don't use it enough. It presents the user with so much freedom and can show confidence; yet at the same time you know you need to get it right because it dries quickly. I became interested in watercolour after an art exhibition back in high school, where there were a few amazing watercolour paintings by an obviously talented and skilled teacher. I really should practice and experiment more in this medium!
Anyway, some watercolour work I did in second year (on a handy A5) - I'm not skilled at all, but it was a lot of fun:

1. Preston Mosque

2. Hare Krishna Temple, South Melbourne

3. Russian Orthodox Church, Brunswick

4. See Yup Temple, South Melbourne


  1. Anonymous said...

    I like your style and the fact that you confident with it... I hope I'm that strong to accept my own drawing cause at the moment, when its come to water color, I will draw multiple of times.. until its perfect.. not a good thing to do for art  


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