Photography is a passion of mine. I've learned, very recently, that photos do not necessarily have to look pretty or be aesthetically pleasing. Instead, I try to think before I shoot - what am I looking at, why am I taking the photo ... After that, when I'm home looking over them on the computer, they mean much more to me as they have been well thought out - there was a specific reason behind this photo and I have captured it. The best advice an art teacher back in high school was that: take a hundred photos and if you're lucky you'll have 3 good ones to work with (or something along those lines!) - made possible by the good ol' digital camera!
But of course, for a bit of fun, I still do take photos 'just because', photos without much thought/reasoning behind them. If not, as I've found, photography just becomes something that is too serious, unenjoyable, dry, restrained, controlled etc., you get the idea! Keepin' it real, and fun.
Wow, too many words! Several photos now, oh, and please do click on them for a somewhat larger version, they really are better that way!:

The Arts Centre and the Yarra

Moomba Fest

Vault (or 'Yellow Peril') by Ron Robertson-Swann in front of the ACCA

Port Melbourne

Arab St, Singapore



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