Jessica Tong

I have been friends with Jess since high school in year10, when I first moved to Singapore. She is quite a character, and is currently studying interior design at UNSW in Sydney. Jess is an amazing realist painter, and I think her paintings really reflect her view, her depiction and thoughts of the subject - subconscious or not. Here are a few snippets of her work, from her blog.
Sketches for a milk powder formula dispenser - don't you love seeing thought processes down on paper?

Food masher for babies - what a cute little design too!

Product sketch of Twist Bench by Kenan Wang

A particularly lovely product sketch of Espresso Machine, 1967 by Bo-Ema

Jess makes industrial design seem different and interesting. I suppose it is very much similar to architecture (but of course, at a different scale) - where pragmatics and aesthetics come together. Concepts, inspirations, working and reworking, the process, hard work and the final resolved product (or structure). It makes me want to do a short course on industrial design, just to see what it's like!

Most of all, I think, with anything at all (especially in the design field), we have got to have some fun!



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