Local arts and Amelia

2009 was a good year. I discovered so much of Melbourne art, craft and design - such a wonderful world, and very much a community. Walking around the city, I pay much more attention to street art, not just as a whole but also the details (the lines, strokes, colours). Ghostpatrol is definitely one that I have been examining more closely lately. Absolutely beautiful. Oh, also, I got to witness a rather large graffiti project done at Hosier Lane the other week, which was certainly interesting.

My exploration of local arts wouldn't have even kicked off if it wasn't for my dear buddy Amelia. Check out her blog, it is full of insightful and intelligent thoughts and lovely photos which I enjoy every time.
All of these have inevitably influenced my approach to design and architecture. In all aspects too, from site analysis to the presentation at the end of the semester. Of course, then, there is the danger of boxing yourself in a 'style'. There is nothing wrong with having a distinctive style when designing, I suppose ... but I am one who believes in site-specific and non-prescriptive architecture (one that derives from its site, its history, its environs). We wouldn't want unsightly, sculptural, titanium-clad buildings popping up everywhere, do we?


  1. Amelia said...

    Awww, Zi, I am blushing all the way from Perth! See, you thought you'd wait til I was away to post, cause then I wouldn't be online. But here I am, bored in a hostel, reading your blog. I think I might need to post a post about architecture and architects which inspire me.  


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