Sorry, Jess

First try was a big fat fail. I tried to salvage the mess that I'd made by toning it (what was I thinking!), which consequently fucked up your face even more - HAHAHA oh dear.

I tried again and it turned out a little bit better (right??) ... but you look like some sort of muppet. Apologies, my friend ...


  1. Jessica Tong said...

    Hey the second one looks alot like me! if i saw it without u telling me it was me, i would be like "hey its MEEEEEHHHH!" i like yo style too! can i put it as my fb profile pic? the hair on the first one looks like me! altho my face looks a wee bit charred but thats ok nice try

    also, what notebook are u using?  

  2. Jessica Tong said...

    did you use stickers as rosy cheeks? i like that 'drawing at 35km/hr' hahaha did u make that up?  

  3. zxw said...

    Hahaha! Yeah, well, charred - that was the look I was going for - so don't be going near any fires or you'll look like that. Nah I added the cheeks in in Illustrator, just to see what it looked like. I bought a 3 pack gridded Moleskine one - they feel nice to draw on, all smooooooth. Profile pic ... dooo ittt! You have to show me your stuff too yeah.

    Unfortunately I didn't make that up, it's from a British show called QI, pretty funny hey :)  


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