Vogue, Matisse and Garance Doré

I remember looking at a beautiful, simple line drawing of a nude in a Vogue magazine six of seven years ago, getting out a pen, and drawing it on a piece paper. A few years ago when I was living in Singapore with my aunt and her family, the minimal, elegant Matisse print of a nude* was one of my favourites that were hanging on the walls. There really is no particular point that I am making here ... sorry for being so anti-climactic!
Anyway, I very much enjoy the illustrations of Garance Doré, who is very well-known and respected for her fantastic fashion journal/blog (+photography). Her drawings are my inspiration du jour. Here are a few examples, taken from her blog:

Hmm, I suppose there is a point to that previous ramble afterall - I love the simplicity, elegance and fluidity (and the fluidity of an awkward line) of line drawings! The strokes, the density, the lack of lines that these drawings are composed of ... my goodness. The whole deal excites me.

*OK, that wasn't a line drawing, but more of a negative line drawing ... hopefully that made sense??


  1. Amelia said...

    drawing rocks, my socks, buddy. there is something spontaneous and intimate about it that you don't really get with painting. and how cute is garance doré? she is so down to earth, so (for lack of a better word) human in a crazy frazzled, inhuman fashiony world. huzzah for human-like humans who draw beautiful things :)  

  2. zxw said...

    She really is! I love her photos and the people she captures, so beautiful, oozing with elegance. Makes me melttttt.  


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