"Cut to three years later, when I'm two terms away from my final examinations ...
I hadn't had a notable university career either socially or academically, and I'd never had the same sense of life opening ...
Now it was nearly over. I'd no idea what I wanted to do ...
Candidates do well in examinations for various reasons, some from genuine ability, obviously, but others because doing well in examinations is what they do well; they can put on a show."

Ominous as the above may sound, it is somewhat comforting that Bennett shares my sentiment. Having had three years of education at university, and being now a graduate, I don't feel like I have had an education. Rather, merely learning to overcome the continuous hurdles that are exams. What use is this after? Some may argue that one cannot blame the institution, the faculty or the staff, but unarguably they play an immense part of shaping that final step of formal education before being thrown into the real world. To be honest I am thoroughly unsatisfied this university education that I have received. Perhaps I am naive and an idealist, but is it so unrealistic to expect awe and inspiration from university and/or its staff? Especially in the design field. With one semester as an exception, the Rome course that me and about twenty others embarked on was a thousand times more inspiring than all the semesters put together. I have had many rubbish tutors that have given me (and others, I am sure) nought but discouragement and on their part, an unfathomable negative attitude and laziness. Certainly it is not unrealistic to expect guidance from those whom with years of experience in the field, to pass on their knowledge.

What is education? For me, I prefer Hector over Irwin any day.
(All I have been getting are Irwins. Substandard Irwins. Fuck.)*

*Oooook, I feel like I am overly whiney, but that was not my intention. I am looking forward, thus why 2010 will be so wonderful.



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