Typography Tuesday

First of (hopefully) many to come typography Tuesdays - today we are in the Melbourne CBD and good old Fitzroy. This little adventure has made me much more aware and observant of the fascinating world of street typography! Barrels of fun, too. (I've also posted this at my posterous too, it's awfully good for uploading and viewing a batch of photos in one post.)
Please click on any images to enlarge.


  1. Jessica Tong said...

    HAHA i like..."in 1987 nothing happened"..so much old skoolness in your photos!!

    and how did they chuck holes in that pole??? (K87)?  

  2. Toshi said...

    About the last photo, “wherever” or the direction of the arrow? I like it.  

  3. zxw said...

    There's something about old fonts and signs that I just love - especially on brick walls! I think the K87 is part of the manufacturing process of the pole ... some kind of numbering system I guess!

    I like that one too, Toshi :) It is actually a part of an artwork.  


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