I'll be writing HERE exclusively from now on. Here here here here here. More little sketches and more proper writing. HEREEEEEEEEE.

I am also involved in a collaborative project with Amelia - check it out: from a to zi. Meels will be writing all things Melbourne with plenty of beautiful photographs to satisfy your visual apetite. I will be attempting the same, but from Malaysia. Get excited!


  1. Toshi said...

    Is this the last post here? If so, I'll see your next blog.  

  2. Jessica Tong said...

    omg sad!! is this ur last post on blogger???  

  3. zxw said...

    Yes that was my last post on here ... until posterous runs out of space for me!

    Thanks for reading, Toshi :)

    I'll be writing on Meels and my blog on Blogger, still.  


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