Midst of moving and a new project

From A to Zi - a new, collaborative, bi-national blog/project. Coming soon.

I am in the midst of moving from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur, so updates will be sparse and seem half-arsed. Bear with me! Not that I owe anyone any kind of explanation ... but it felt like something that had to be said. Ciao.


  1. Amelia said...

    So I should tell you, if we are going to share a blog in the future, that I hate Dorian Gray. Bleughhh. There. Now it's out. How socially awkward of me :)
    Hope you're feeling better  

  2. Amelia said...

    PS My first post is prepped in advance. You know how I love any organiseation that is about "art for everyone"? Check this one out.
    I nearly nearly nearly bought a print for $50USD but the $36USD shipping price stopped me. Maybe we should start up an Australian based 20X200....  

  3. zi said...

    Any reason for the dislike for Dorian Gray?

    Aw-thum ... would you like me to set up the site? Got some free time on my hands haha.

    You reckon there's a market for a 20x200 type deal here though? There are already so many sites out there where you can purchase prints, whether directly from the artists (etsy for example) or indirectly. I am very much keen on something community-based though, a kind of meeting/conversation/social evenings of creative types. Like pecha kucha I suppose, but bi-monthly/monthly.  


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