The Pianica

A self-indulged post:

I was watching the video of Coconut Record's Microphone, and what does Jason Schwartzman find under a pile of rock? A pianica, of course! Anyway, it simply reminded me of when I was in a band (yeah, ha ha, very funny) and I played the pianica. We played La Bamba and won third place in the state. By 'state' I mean Kuala Lumpur, and by 'won' I mean amongst the primary school bands that were involved (yeah, ok, laugh some more). But hey, we won a little trophy each, and it was very exciting at the time!


  1. Amelia said...

    To wit:

    ...though the West Coast video isn't nearly as cool as the one for Microphone. And THANKS, how did you know that I've been wondering what a "tiny piano you blow into" has been called for the past month?! Mind reader, I tell you.  


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